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Since its founding on March 25, 1988, FirstLaw P.C has enjoyed an unchallenged reputation for its services of highest quality in the field of IP. The Firm now has over two hundred (200) members comprising approximately sixty (60) competent and experienced patent attorneys and one hundred and forty (140) patent engineers and staff members including several technical advisors having doctorate degrees in the relevant technical fields. To meet the widely varying needs of our clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations, we provide IP services in all aspects of practices covering a full gamut of technical fields including chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, electrical, IT, semiconductor, mechanical, metallurgical and material engineering and sciences as well as trademark matters.
◎ FirstLaw P.C is a leading IP professional corporation
Needless to say, the most desirable quality of an IP firm that the clients seek to find is professional competence; and such quality can only be attained and realized by the best-qualified professionals. This is precisely the reason that the Firm continues to invest substantial resources to continuously improve and develop the professional expertise and skills of its members by hiring competent, experienced, and specialized patent attorneys in the relevant technical fields, and providing continuing education and development opportunities including overseas legal education, domestic and overseas training programs, and foreign language courses.
◎ FirstLaw P.C is dedicated to excellence in legal services to its clients
In order to offer satisfaction-guaranteed and outstanding IP legal services to our clients, each member of the Firm strives to go one more step beyond the client’s expectation. As such, we put our best efforts and passion forward to assist our clients to meet their needs based on the close working relationship and mutual trust.
◎ FirstLaw P.C greatly values the respect and trust from our clients
From its inception, the Firm has been operating with the philosophy that the results obtained through fair competition and just play, based on one’s hard work, sacrifice and commitment to perfection, are the only award coveted. The Firm, therefore, relentlessly pursues and adheres to the highest standard of work ethics in full compliance with the professional code of ethics, while recognizing that the professional respect and trust from our clients is the greatest asset and lasting force that sustains the Firm’s continuing healthy growth.
◎ FirstLaw P.C cares about the well-being of its members and their families in harmony with
    the surrounding community
We believe that the happiness and well-being of each member of the Firm begins from the member’s family, job place and community that the person belongs to. In this regard, the Firm has established various welfare systems including free shuttle bus operation for the Firm members connecting the subway stations and bus terminals to the office and work-at-home allowances for those female employees with young children. The Firm also sponsors annual classical concert for the clients, members and their families; and also provides free tickets to the members and their families for international sporting events, popular musicals, movies and the like. These welfare systems and cultural events have helped create a harmonious working environment, allowing our professionals and employees to better concentrate on their work.